Miami gets first female Haitian American assistant police chief

Cherise Gause makes history with promotion

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MIAMI – The Miami Police Department has a new assistant chief.

Chief Jorge Colina named Cherise Gause the first female Haitian American assistant chief in the department's history.

Gause was promoted Friday, along with two other officers, to the chief's executive staff.

"I'm very happy about the promotion and I'm looking forward to doing great things with the city of Miami," Gause said. "Yes, I am Haitian American, so it is also a big achievement for the Haitian American community to celebrate this moment with me."

During the ceremony, Colina spoke about their leadership abilities and declared that it was not only a good day for Little Haiti but for the entire city.

"She's worked very hard and she set an example for so many people and, you know, it's just somebody -- it's undeniable the leadership and the hard work -- and that's what we need in this city," Colina said.

Along with the new assistant chief, Colina also promoted a new major and commander.

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