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Rooftop swimming pool leaks into several apartments in Dania Beach

144 apartments affected at complex on East Dania Beach Boulevard

A rooftop swimming pool leaked at an apartment complex in Dania Beach.
A rooftop swimming pool leaked at an apartment complex in Dania Beach.

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A rooftop swimming pool leaked into several apartments in Dania Beach on Friday evening, officials said.

At about 8 p.m. Friday, something caused the rooftop pool at the Place at Dania Beach apartment complex to start leaking water -- a lot of water. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue personnel were operating at the scene at 180 E. Dania Beach Blvd.

"The cops were all out, all of my neighbors were out, the dogs were fighting out here. It was chaos," said Maurice Andrews, a resident of the Palace at Dania Beach apartment complex. 

Officials said 144 apartments were affected by the 10,000-gallon pool, which was leaking.

"I was shocked, like what the heck is this?" Resident Don Dishes said. "You know, it was just crazy man. You don't expect water to come down (in your home)."

All 250 residents of the building were evacuated. Some residents were not home when it happened.

"One of my neighbors said he was in the gym on the treadmill, and he saw water coming down through a light fixture," said Andrews. "He was so into his workout he thought, 'oh, this is normal.'"

City of Dania Beach officials made sure the residents were OK and helped them find a place to stay until the building is declared safe again.

However, many residents were back Saturday morning trying to get into their homes. There has been no update from authorities as to when that may happen. 

Authorities were advising people to avoid the area, as there were multiple road closures Friday night.

No injuries were reported.

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