Broward firefighter delivers his own child at gas station

(Jacqueline Atkin)
(Jacqueline Atkin)

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A Broward County firefighter put his skills to the test when his pregnant wife gave birth at a Coral Springs gas station.

Carissa Werder was 40 weeks pregnant when she went in for a prenatal massage Monday along with her husband Matthew.

Plans quickly went awry when Carissa's water broke, forcing the couple to bolt out the door and head immediately for the hospital.

But while on the road, Carissa began having strong contractions and knew the baby wasn't going to wait for a hospital delivery.

Matt, a sergeant with the Broward Fire Department, pulled into a Coral Springs gas station and had Carissa move into the back of their minivan.

Just moments later, Matthew helped Carissa deliver the couple's third child; all 8 lbs, 6 oz. of Josephine Mercy Werder.

Fire rescue arrived on the scene and transported Mom, dad and baby Josephine to the hospital where everyone is doing great and recovering well.

So if you're a pregnant mom whose newborn baby won't make it to the delivery room, make sure Sergeant Werder is on duty.