Former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi wins court appeal to have town cover his legal fees

Taxpayers to cover court fees of former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi


MIAMI – Former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi had a big win in court Wednesday. 

Five years ago, Pizzi was acquitted in a federal corruption case. The FBI arrested him and accused him of accepting bribe money upwards of $6,000.

Pizzi was eventually reinstated as mayor following a lengthy court battle with the town of Miami Lakes and former Florida Gov. Rick Scott. 

Pizzi then sued the town for at least $2.5 million to cover his mounting legal fees.

A Miami appeals court ruled Wednesday in Pizzi's favor, overturning a previous ruling that quashed his lawsuit against the town. 

Following his reinstatement as mayor, Pizzi ran for re-election in 2015 and lost. 

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