Florida drivers believe they're the worst on road

New study claims Sunshine State drivers are bad, rude


MIAMI – Say this about Floridians, we know who exactly we are and we own it.

A new study shows that when asked which state had the worst drivers, Floridians said it was the Sunshine State.

13.9 percent of us believe we're terrible drivers.

Not bad or average.


Cheap Car Insurance issued the study which asked over 2,000 drivers from around the U.S. a variety of questions focusing on, among other things, poor driving and rudeness.

Floridians not only think  we're terrible drivers, but we also believe we're among the rudest in the nation.

Only New York residents believed that had a higher percentage of very rude or fairly rude drivers, but Florida was right behind.

According to the study, Florida drivers believe almost 49 percent of us are at least fairly rude on the road.

The study comes just weeks after Miami was named the worst city to live in the entire country.

At least we're consistent.