Dashcam footage shows BMW speeding on I-95 after gas pedal gets stuck

Joseph Cooper drove through multiple counties during 50-mile ride

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. – Dashcam footage shows an SUV speeding down Interstate 95 in Martin County after the driver claimed his gas pedal got stuck.

The driver, Joseph Cooper, called 911 Monday afternoon as Florida Highway Patrol troopers followed close behind in the northbound lanes, trying to flatten the tires of the BMW.

Authorities said the SUV reached speeds of nearly 100 mph during the ride.

"My gas pedal is stuck on my car and I'm on I-95," Cooper told a 911 dispatcher. 

The dispatcher tried to help Cooper slow down the vehicle.

"Have you tried the emergency brake?" the dispatcher asked.
"Ma'am, I'm not pulling that doing 100 mph. I'm sorry," he said.

The miles were flying by as Cooper made it into St. Lucie County, all while trying to not get into an accident.

Eventually, the sound of panic could be heard in his voice.

"Switching right lanes right now. Get out of the way! We've got troopers coming!" Cooper said.  

After nearly 50 miles of uncontrolled speeds, Cooper reached Indian River County. 

Troopers tried to put an end to the wild ride by deploying stop sticks with sharp spikes to flatten the tires. They had to make three attempts before all four of Cooper's tires were flattened. 

The good news is that no one was injured. However, Cooper did complain of chest pains and was taken to a hospital.

He was released later in the day. 

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