Verizon to offer free spam, robocall blocking features for customers

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MIAMI – They're annoying, they're frustrating and they're about to be a thing of the past (hopefully) for Verizon customers.

Starting in March, the wireless company will offer free spam and robocalling protection for all customers. Verizon has previously sold the features for a monthly fee of $3 per line, reports Fox News.

According to the report, if a robocall or spam call comes into a customers' phone, they will be alerted with a display, or calls will be sent directly to voicemail.

The Sun-Sentinel reports Verizon has already stopped almost a billion robocalls in just one year since their blocking tools were made available.

The blocking tools will be available on compatible iPhone and Android devices.

While AT&T and T-Mobile already have the spam blocking service for free, Verizon says they will soon notify the company's customers on how to sign up.