Program teaches young girls about basics of music industry

Girls Make Beats trains young engineers over 5 weeks

MIAMI – In a Miami music studio, artist and sound engineer Tiffany Miranda leads six young girls through the layout of a sound board, a basic tool instrumental in the music recording industry.

Miranda said after many years in the industry, she is still one of the few women in the room at a recording session.

"I feel like when I walk into the studio, people would say, 'Are you sure you know what you are doing? There is not a lot of girls who do this,'" Miranda said.

So she started Girls Make Beats. Over five weeks, she trains young engineers ages 8 through 17 on the basics of the music business. It is an industry young women are not often exposed to, but can be very lucrative for those who thrive in it.

DJ Kit Kat learned how she can use computer to make the kind of music she hopes to produce one day.
"I want to be a superstar," she said. "Right now, I just sing in the shower."

Miranda is self-taught and has recorded with artists like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Pitbull. She said she hopes this leg up helps the next generations of female producers succeed.

"Working with these girls and helping them in any way achieve their dreams is so completely fulfilling for me,"Miranda said.

Registration for session 2, ages 13-17, starts July 17 and runs through Aug. 14. It is Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Scholarships are still available. Click here to register or make donations.