Miami police use Nextdoor app to connect with community they serve

Residents can privately exchange information, address concerns in community

MIAMI – In the midst of a time when relations between police and the public are strained across the country, the Miami Police Department is now using technology to connect to the community they serve.

The app they're using is called Nextdoor, which is described as a private social network for neighborhoods.

The Police Department is joining the city of Miami, using the app to connect with people who live in the area and find out their concerns.

Nextdoor works by allowing individual neighborhoods to create their own private social networks.

The goal is to allow people to meet, exchange information and address issues in their area quickly and all online.

Within the city of Miami, more than 50 percent of neighborhoods have already started Nextdoor networks.

And now, Miami police will have another way of learning what sorts of issues people are having day-to-day and improve relationships with those people.

"I think communication is the key to building trust in any relationship, and so with us being able to communicate directly with a geographic neighborhood with a specific neighborhood problem, I think that cuts down the time to get a response and the time for us to give a response," Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said.

"There's so much potential in regards to how neighbors can help neighbors. It really is about our community coming together to solve problems," Denise Sasiain, who lives in the Shenandoah neighborhood, said.

The Police Department made its first Nextdoor post Tuesday morning and received some good feedback already.

Authorities said everything on the neighborhood networks will stay private, and this is another way for the police to connect with people and another way for neighbors to make police aware of any issues they might be having.



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