New indoor skydiving center opens in Davie

iFLY flights start at $35 per minute

DAVIE, Fla. – A new indoor skydiving center called iFLY just opened in Davie and it has customers literally walking on air. 

"It was like eating a cloud," first-time flier Jamie Ruth said.

"Yes, I really enjoyed it. It was a blast," Joey Ruth added.

The 60-foot high vertical wind tunnel is used to train military paratroopers, but it is safe enough for children to fly and there is a reason the building looks so unique.

"(There are) four fans that are on the roof that actually bring the air down the side of the building, then underneath the building and draw it up. So it actually gives you this smooth pillow of air, basically, that you are laying on," iFLY general manager Jim Braun said.

The first tunnel opened 18 years ago in Orlando. This is the company's 64th location worldwide, but the first of its kind in South Florida.

After a brief class, folks suit up and quickly become a fan of those four high-powered fans.

"It was amazing," first-time flier, Natalie Olijslager said. "It was really, really cool to do. I am (in) an all-boys family. I mean, I am the only woman in my family and they always make me do these type of things and, really, I loved it."

With time, fliers can do amazing acrobatic tricks that wow the crowd, but time in the tunnel can get costly.

"In respect to skydiving, it is actually very cheap," Braun said. "You are actually getting about three or four skydives the way you are doing it here. It is about $35 a minute. The more people you have, the more time you do, the cheaper it gets."

Reservations are strongly suggested as people are lining up to take flight.