Single mother with son battling cancer gets big surprise from El Dorado Furniture

Benton family receives $5,000 worth of new furniture

MIAMI – Tiheshe Benton went through a roller coaster of emotions when Local 10 and El Dorado Furniture surprised her with $5,000 worth of new furniture.

Benton went from utter disbelief to stepping aside and releasing tears of joy.   

"The reactions you see when you visit these homes, there's something different and special, and it's also very inspiring," Melissa Alonso, of El Dorado Furniture, said. 

Benton is a single mom raising five children, including an 18-year-old son, Emmanuel, who's autistic and undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer.

"You see sick people everywhere and you say a prayer, 'Oh, I'm sorry that happened,' but when it knocks on your door, it's a totally different feeling," Benton said. 

Benton stopped working to care for Emmanuel full-time. She kept a list of things the family needed but couldn't afford. On that list was new bedroom furniture for the kids.

"My oldest daughter, like, has been holding us up with helping out and that would be something great for her and the boys, and Emmanuel especially, to make him more comfortable," Benton said.

A few weeks later, the El Dorado delivery truck brought all the furniture, including something extra. It was a new bedroom set for Benton who had been sleeping on an old loveseat for more than two years.

It was a gift that arrived just in time for Benton to celebrate Mother's Day.

About the Author:

Nicole Perez is the the primary co-anchor of Local 10 News at 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. She first joined Local 10 in July 2016 as the morning traffic reporter.