South Florida auto retailer gives away free cars in fight against cancer

AutoNation supports cancer research by donating cars, raising money

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A South Florida automotive retailer is giving back to the community in the fight against cancer.

AutoNation is supporting cancer-related charities by donating cars and raising money for cancer research.

The Fort Lauderdale-based company has sold about 11 million vehicles and donated money from the purchases to cancer-related charities, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The automotive retailer said it has raised nearly $11 million to support the fight against cancer nationwide.

The event began in Tampa on May 19 with a donation to the Moffitt Cancer Center.  AutoNation said it has continued to donate to various cancer foundations across America throughout this month.

"The extraordinary accomplishment of being the first automotive company to sell 11 million vehicles is an opportunity to show our appreciation to those who work hard every day in the fight against cancer and to our customers who have made this historic moment possible," AutoNation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer- Mike Jackson said in a news release.

AutoNation plans to surprise 11 customers by voiding the contract to their cars and giving them away for free.