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Jeter's Leaders help beautify middle school in Miami

About 100 high school students help paint murals at José De Diego Middle School

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MIAMI – A middle school in Miami is getting a new look thanks to some star support from the Miami Marlins' CEO.

More than 100 high school students from the Jeter's Leaders program got to fly into Miami to help beautify José De Diego Middle School. 

The four-year leadership program is all about mentorship and providing a diverse education and social experience for high school students. 

On Wednesday, the students from New York and Michigan rolled up their sleeves to paint murals all around the school, as well as to give the outdoor basketball court a new paint job. 

They partnered with Goldman Sachs Community Teamworks and Handson, a local volunteer organization.

Miami Marlins CEO and part owner Derek Jeter and his sister, Sharlee Jeter, who is the president of the Turn 2 Foundation, also put in hard work. 

Derek Jeter said his satisfaction comes from seeing how the program changes the children's lives.

"For us, I think it's when the kids come back after they graduate, and they volunteer with the foundation and they help. And you hear from their parents and they say thank you for, you know, obviously putting this program in place," Derek Jeter said. "But for us, I think it's gratifying. You know, I come from a family that has always said, 'If you have a little, give a little. If you have a lot, give a lot.'"

"I want to help people and inspire people, and this program has given me different views, perspectives and ideas," Jeter's Leaders student Jordan Williams said.

The Turn 2 Foundation also donated $10,000 to the school.

The high school students will be in South Florida all week and will also be going on college tours.

Both Sharlee Jeter and Derek Jeter said they hope to bring the program down to Miami.