Children from 17 countries become US citizens during South Florida ceremony

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

BISCAYNE NATIONAL PARK, Fla. - Children from 17 countries became U.S. citizens Friday during a swearing-in ceremony at Biscayne National Park. 

The new class of Americans said their hard work and dedication has led them to this inspiring moment.

The U.S. welcomed 83 children from the 17 countries, which included Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Nigeria, Spain and Venezuela. 

The ceremony featured the unfurling of the American flag and a video message from President Donald Trump.

For many, the importance of becoming a U.S. citizen was instilled in them by their parents, as they, too, left their home country for the U.S. and have since become citizens. 

"It was always inspiring to me, but I was also very nervous because when my mom took the test, it was nerve-racking, and obviously I wanted her to pass so I could do the same thing and be a citizen," Ana Ramirez said.  

"It feels good. I've lived here a couple of years already, and to be able to say that I'm a proud American," Diego Delgado said. "It was nice seeing this country (and) how it's evolved from time-to-time."

A national parks ranger served as one of the guest speakers. 

She talked about her journey to the U.S. and the importance of the shared responsibility that comes with being an American. 

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