Five protesters arrested after Occupy Miami shutdown

Eviction enforced last night

MIAMI - Following a night in which Miami-Dade police in riot gear advanced on the Occupy Miami encampment outside the Stephen P. Clark Government Center, officials have announced that five protesters have been arrested.

MUGSHOTS: Occupy Miami arrests

The police sweep came under nightfall, just hours after a 5 P.M. Tuesday eviction deadline had passed. County leaders had served the Occupy Miami protesters with an eviction notice on Saturday and while most demonstrators packed up and left the site, a few remained.

Police detained the remaining individuals after offering them a chance to leave the premises. The protesters were arrested when they failed to follow police orders.

Chris Booth, Alejandro Ordanes and Jared Chase were all booked on Loitering and Prowling charges. 21-year-old Juan Sanchez was arrested on a charge of Inciting a Riot while Carlos Miller was booked on Obstruction.

The Occupy Miami demonstrators had camped on the site in downtown Miami since October of 2011.

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