Tow trucks become eyesore for southwest Miami-Dade County neighborhood

Residents upset about flat beds mounted with wrecked cars parked in neighborhood

MIAMI – A Local 10 News viewer decided to Call Christina for help on what he described as a neighborhood eyesore.

Legend Towing flat beds mounted with wrecked cars were seen in the driveway of a residential home owned by a relative of the company's owner.

County records show the company's owner lives in a single family home across the street.

Inson Kim, director of intergovernmental and external affairs for Miami-Dade County's Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, told Local 10 that the parking of tow trucks in residential districts is prohibited except when working or when making a one hour convenience stop such as a lunch break.

Over the phone, a company representative told Local 10 they only park their tow trucks during lunch, but the Local 10 viewer had photos documenting the trucks in the driveway of the southwest Miami-Dade County home at various times of days over several weeks.

Miami-Dade County dispatched a code enforcement officer to both homes to remind homeowners of the restrictions. They plan to check in on the properties in the future to ensure compliance.

A woman who identified herself as the wife of the company's owner told Local 10 they will comply.

She also kindly said they did not intend to offend neighbors.

In an email, Kim stated, "In 2008, there was one complaint filed for commercial vehicle and the violator removed the commercial vehicle. Since then, we have not received any additional complaints at this location."

The Local 10 viewer who called about the issue of commercial vehicles being parked in the driveway(s) of single family home(s) said he was pleased that the storage of wrecked cars in the residential neighborhood may no longer be an aesthetic nuisance. 

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