Call Christina helps viewers with faulty appliances

The Call Christina team has been busy working to help viewers tackle issues they couldn’t get to resolved on their own.

Local 10 News investigative reporter Christina Vazquez has fielded a few calls about new appliances not working. Here are some cases clinched by Christina.

"The switch had to be replaced. The blower had to be replaced, the motor had to be replaced and the expansion valves had to be replaced," Michelle Lugo said as she opened to door to her Air Handler unit of her air conditioner.

Michelle Lugo called Vazquez when her brand new AC unit needed more than 10 service calls in the first year after installation. She paid about $4,500 to replace her 20-year-old unit.

"For efficiency and cost, you know, we've decided just to replace it," Lugo said.

The main complaint Lugo had with the new one?

"It never felt cold," Lugo said. 

Vazquez also got a call from Melvina Lucas of Miramar.  She also had installed a new AC unit and complained it was way too noisy.   

"From the first time it was installed, it turned on (and) the noise was tremendous -- I mean, really loud," Lucas said, making a humming sound to imitate the noise she heard. 

The company that installed it suggested she muffle the sound with a rug in the closet.

"And I thought, 'I'm going to spend money on a rug to put in the closet? Why am I putting a rug in the closet?" Lucas said.

So she called Vazquez for help.

"I decided, OK, I'm not going to argue anymore. I'm going to try Christina," Lucas said.

Vazquez called both manufacturers requesting that they take a closer look at the viewers' AC units.

"When (the technician) put back in the parts and turned the AC back on, he said, 'You know, there is a difference in the sound,'" Lucas said. "He admitted that there was a difference, so at that point I realized, well, I'm not that crazy. Something was wrong."

Lugo said she turned to the Call Christina team because of past results.

"I called Christina because every single time I watch her show, I see that they try so hard to help the consumer, you know, get what they pay for or get answers," Lugo said.

Then Heather Parente decided to Call Christina. She was having multiple issues with a new refrigerator she purchased. 

"When you put the cheese in here, it's too warm, so it gets moldy," Parente explained as she pulled open a plastic bin in the bottom of the refrigerator portion. "The entire door is warped. So when you go to close the door, both of them together, the left side sticks out a quarter of an inch."

Parente said the manufacturer claimed it was defective and the model had been discontinued. But they would only credit a portion of the purchase price.

"How am I going to replace this refrigerator that I'm entitled to with $1,900 when it’s a $3,100 unit?" Parente said.

So Call Christina contacted the manufacturer on her behalf. That's when Lowes and the manufacturer offered to get her a new one for the price she paid.

Lucas said the noise level is now tolerable. Parente is happy with her new fridge. As for Lugo, the manufacturer in that case has extended their warranty to 10 years for parts and labor.