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Don't be a sucker and fall for this Netflix scam

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MIAMI – A new Netflix scam is making the rounds as a hacker is out to steal personal information from the service's millions of subscribers.

The scam revolves around an email that claims a Netflix user's membership must be revalidated. Users are asked to share information to get the membership activated within 48 hours or their service will be suspended.

A "restart membership" link in the email takes subscribers to a website that looks almost exactly like the Netflix site, fooling those who enter their credit card information. However, the site is a fake and users have now made themselves vulnerable to being hacked.

This current scam is just the latest that specifically targets Netflix's 100 million subscribers, but is believed to be one of the most well-designed and dangerous.

If you have questions regarding your Netflix account, make sure to go directly to the company's website.