Shutters contractor arrested following 'Leave it to Layron' investigation

Customers claim Jeffrey Miller took deposits, never finished jobs


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Jeffrey Miller, owner of Millerspec Creations, Inc., is facing charges of grand theft, fraud, drug possession and contracting without a license following a "Leave it to Layron" investigation.

"Obviously, the guy has a problem," Abdon Williams said. "I think he needs some help."

Williams was the first Millerspec customer to contact the "Leave it to Layron" team. Last week, he says he got a visit from a detective with the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

"I was asked to raise my right hand and swear that what I was going to say was the truth," he said. 

Williams said the detective wanted to know what happened between him and Miller; about how Williams paid Miller $1,840 as a deposit for hurricane shutters; and about how Miller agreed to install those shutters, but never showed up or refunded Williams' money.
The LITL investigation later revealed Miller was not licensed to work in Broward County or the state of Florida.

One of his customers filed a small claims lawsuit against him in Broward County court and won. The LITL team was contacted by nearly a dozen other customers who claimed they'd also hired Miller. They also said they'd paid Miller deposits for work on which he never made good.

"He took us out, we sat, we did the estimate, he bought us dinner and drinks," Lawrence Fung said.

Fung and his wife said Miller was hired to renovate their Tamarac home, which was the couple's very first home. Six months later, the couple is out more than $16,000, and the renovation is unfinished.

After the LITL team shared their story, Miller shared his story in an interesting text message.

In it, he claims he was getting death threats. 

He also said he "was dealt some bad cards."  Miller admitted to making "mistakes" and claimed his lack of communication was brought on by depression. He vowed to "fix" things.

But Miller was arrested the next day.

"He's a young guy," Williams said. "He can't go on like this."

Miller is out on bond and emailed the LITL team Tuesday morning.

"This is exactly what I built my company against," he wrote. "Yes, I had a weak point. I was overwhelmed. I don't sleep. I don't eat. I just stress over this."

He wrote, "I never meant to hurt anyone. I will fix this as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Miller ended the email, writing in all caps: "FIND A LICENSED CONTRACTOR AND DEMAND PROOF!!"

His criminal case is now pending in Broward County court.

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