Woman calls Leave It To Layron over roof issues

Business owner says subcontractor no longer affiliated with company

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A Pembroke Pines woman called Leave It To Layron after she continuously began having issues with her roof.

"I stepped on the rug, and there was water on the rug. And I'm like, 'What's going on?' And I looked up and drip, drip, drip," Cheryl Perez said.

Perez laid out a tarp and reached out to her roofer. 

"I texted him and I called him, told him I have a leak. He said he'd be out here on a Friday, and he never showed," Perez said. "I called. He didn't answer. I texted him. He didn't return texts."

Perez said the leak and the subsequent back-and-forth started in August.

"I was raised differently. You do a job, you finish it. Something goes wrong, you go back and fix it. You stand behind your work," she said. 

That work started back in 2015, when Perez first called Local 10 News and we got a look at her new, unwanted skylights.

"What do I do now? How am I going to resolve this?" she asked at the time. 

Perez's ceiling had just collapsed after a heavy rainfall, all thanks to her unfinished roof.

With our help, the roofer finally returned to finish the roof.

Fast-forward three years later, and Perez has a patch on her roof.

"When I went to dry it up, it just fell apart -- just peeled right off of my hands," she said. 

There is considerably less damage, but Perez is just as upset.

"I would think if he's in business to do this, he would follow up on his warranty and follow up on his work," Perez said. 

Local 10's Layron Livingston called Perez's contractor, Universal Group, and the man on the other end of the line claimed this was the first time he heard about her issue.  

Livingston was then told someone would be by her home the next day.

"I'm an eternal optimist," Perez said. "I'm keeping my fingers crossed."     

Gabriel Matos, who owns the company, said the roofing subcontractor Perez originally contacted was no longer affiliated with Universal Group.

Matos and his crew showed up an hour early to Perez's home and got to work.  

"They got up on the roof, did what they had to do. Somebody came in, came into the attic, was crawling in the attic to try and see what was going on, and they did a thorough job," Perez said.  

Matos said the issue was one twisted nail. 

He also said Perez can call him directly if she has any roofing problems in the future.

"I gave her my number. I'll be here right away," Matos said. "Like I said, I live 10 minutes away." 

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