BSO closes internal affairs review prompted by Leave it to Layron investigation

Pamela Glover says guards thought she was lying about water breaking

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Pamela Glover first spoke with the Leave it to Layron team via video visitation in May.

At the time, she was in the custody of the Broward Sheriff's Office, and she remains in the agency's custody at the North Broward Bureau.

That's the same facility in which she was being held April 7 while she was pregnant and when she went into labor.

"I told the other inmates to call for help, for the nurse," Glover told the LITL team.

The LITL team spoke with some of those inmates after they were released. They asked to remain anonymous but were also pregnant and housed in the same facility as Glover and said they witnessed her ordeal.  

"Three hours passed, and the ambulance still wasn't there," one former inmate said. 

"The deputy came in, and I can quote exactly what she said: 'Stop pressing the emergency button. You're annoying us. If you press it again, you're all going in an isolation cell. We'll call the paramedics when we're good and ready. This is not Burger King -- have it your way,'" another former inmate recalled.

Three days after Glover went into labor, Tammy Jackson, a mentally ill inmate, gave birth alone while in isolation at the same facility.

"It was horrendous," one former inmate said. "I hope I never, ever hear or see anything like that, ever again."

The LITL team has learned it was our request for information from the Broward Sheriff's Office that prompted the internal affairs review into Glover's incident.  

The probe began April 24.

It notes that on April 2, "[Glover] was ordered ... on bed rest for [two weeks]."

Four days later, on April 6, Glover is noted echoing what she told the LITL team during our interview: Her mucus plug came out, and she complained of bleeding. 

The internal affairs report noted Glover said a doctor told her she was "3 cm dilated" during her last visit.

Glover was later found "bending over a toilet," "cramping" and "bleeding."

An on-call provider was called and ordered Glover be taken to the hospital.

The next morning, on April 7, Glover was brought back to the jail.

Shortly after 7 a.m., a nurse noted in the Infirmary Provider Progress Report that "[Glover] returned from the hospital. Per [a nurse], [Glover] was found to be "dehydrated and constipated" during the hospital visit, the report stated.

Earlier that same morning, Glover reportedly stated her water broke prior to leaving the hospital and that "she made an announcement to no avail."

According to the report, "fluid" was spotted dripping from her wheelchair to the floor after she arrived back at the jail and the order was given to have her taken back to the hospital.

The IA report stated the "matter was referred to the inmate health care manager to address it with the medical provider," which also conducted an internal investigation.

BSO said it identified no BSO staff misconduct.

We know a doctor and a nurse have since been fired by Wellpath, the jail's health care provider. In a previous statement, the company said "all successful healthcare programs implement changes that work toward preventing future incidents."

The internal affairs investigation into Jackson's incident is ongoing.

The LITL team has learned that neither Glover nor any of the former inmates we spoke to were interviewed as part of the IA probe.

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