Tips for cleaning your car’s interior

Add cleaning your car to your spring cleaning list


Is the inside of your car looking a little dingy? Add cleaning your car’s interior to your spring cleaning list!

Following these suggestions will leave your car looking like new:

Get rid of all extra “stuff” in your car. This means taking out any trash that’s compiled in the holders on your car doors, under the seats and in the trunk. Also remove any extra items that you've been keeping in your car but don't really need.Use a spray or cleaning wipes to wipe down the console, dashboard, cup holders, inside door pockets and steering wheel. Also wipe between any buttons or small spaces that might have accumulated some dirt.Use window spray to clean all windows and mirrors. If you have leather seats, wipe them down, both in the front and back. If you have fabric seats, then take a vacuum to clean the seats.Remove the floor mats and vacuum them clean. Also vacuum the floor of the car to remove any dirt that fell around the mats.