Top road trip tips


Before heading out on a road trip there are certain things you should do to properly prepare both you and your car.

-          Get an oil change: Beforeheading out on a long road trip make sure to get an oil change and to have all of your fluid levels checked.

-          Rotate tires: Have your tires inspected and rotated before heading on the road. This can help reduce the risk of getting a flat tire or blowing out a tire.

-          Prepare a safety kit: In case you do run into car trouble or bad weather, make sure you have an emergency safety kit in the car.

-          Make a repair kit: Make sure to bring some car repair necessities in case you experience minor trouble. This can include items like a screwdriver, tire repair kit or jumper cables.

-          Map out your route: Make sure you have a plan of where you are going to drive through, and how far you will drive each day. This will allow you to make lodging arrangements ahead of time, and will let you know where the larger cities are for rest stops and to refuel.

-          Have a plan: If you do run into trouble make sure you have a plan of how to get out of it. Join a roadside assistance club, or download apps to help you locate help if needed.