What are birth injury claims?

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Having a baby can be a magical time for parents. But what happens if something goes wrong with the birth?


There are numerous conditions that can result in negligence claims – both for the mother and the baby.


For mothers, there are a number of issues during birth that can be causes by negligence. Certain medical conditions, like gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, are issues that should be diagnosed by a woman’s doctor during her pregnancy. If a doctor doesn’t monitor these issues, or properly diagnose them, then it could result in a negligence claim.


For the baby, one issue that could be the result of negligence is cerebral palsy. This is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain.


Other issues include if the baby’s size was not properly monitored, and the baby’s shoulders are injured as a result. If a baby is injured during a forceps delivery or a ventouse delivery, then the parents might also have a negligence case.