Stay safe while driving at night


As the days get shorter and darkness falls at an earlier hour, take a look at some tips on how to safely drive at night.


-          Make sure your lights are functioning properly. Also make sure they are clean for optimal performance. Make sure you turn your headlights on as soon as it starts to get dark and not wait too long.


-          Don’t drink and drive.


-          Don’t smoke and drive as, according to the National Safety Council, nicotine and carbon monoxide and hinder your vision at night.


-          Don’t text and drive and avoid distracted driving.


-          Drive at slower speeds and don’t drive too closely behind other cars in front of you.


-          In really dark areas where there are no street lights, use your bright headlights to add extra light. However, do not use these strong lights if there is a car in front of you or if there is a car approaching in the opposite direction, as the lights can make it difficult for them to see.