Cat jumps from Christmas box before girl notices

Little girl's reaction was just purr-fect


This is exactly why you don't keep a cat in a cardboard box for too long.

A little girl was a bit disappointed when she opened a large, empty box that her father handed her on Christmas morning. Little did she know, her new present, a gray kitten, crawled out of the box right before she could see it.

"Nothing?" the little girl asked, confused, as the cat quickly hid behind the Christmas tree.

It wasn't until her father directed her attention behind her that the little girl got a glimpse at her new pet.

"A cat? That wasn't in there!" the little girl exclaimed. "Oh, I have a cat!" she said as she brought her hands to her heart.

Her parents had been planning to give the youngster a cat for months and decided on the perfect way to present it to her: by letting her open it as a gift.

"Sometimes, when you plan things, they don't end up the way you thought they would," Heather Brooker, the girl's mother, wrote. "They turn out even better."

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