Broward Sheriff's deputies take 100 children in need shopping for holidays

Each child received $150 toward Christmas gifts

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Broward Sheriff's Office took 100 children Christmas shopping in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday.
Franklin Osbourne, 9, told Local 10 News that he’s never had a Christmas quite like this.

"I feel good and like I'm special." Franklin said. 

The children received the holiday gifts thanks to the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County.

"They're invited here and they drive with the deputy to Walmart, and then they get to spend $150, each kid," the foundation's executive director, Juan Carlos Arias, said. 

Each child is allowed to buy anything they want with the $150 limit. 

"I want a baby doll," one girl said. "I have a present, and I have a brush and I have a car." 

The children were all grateful for their gifts. 

"It's a nice day to be here. It's so wonderful. I wish every kid could be here," Chameirya St. Paul, 10, said. 

The children had a great time buying presents, and also bonded with deputies.

"Most of these kids come from tough neighborhoods, and this event gives them a chance to have face-to-face contact (with authorities)," Arias said. 

Organizers said the annual event is one of the agency’s greatest crime prevention tools.

"We're trying to tell these kids, 'We're on the same team as you. The police, the deputies -- they're friends. They're on our side.' You can't pay for that kind of relationship," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. 

The children also walked away with free hygiene kits and tablets.

It's a Christmas gift kids like Franklin won't soon forget.

"I still got one more thing on my list," he said. "But if I still have more money, I might get something else for my sister and one more thing for me."