Downtown Miami, surrounding areas prepare for biggest party of the year

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The fancy footwork is being finalized on a fittingly, giant-sized, stage for Miami's biggest party of the year. 

"It's pretty cool, fun and awesome," said Casey Wang, who is visiting from Houston. 

A taste of the fun was on full display Sunday night during rehearsals ahead of rapper Pitbull's annual hometown performance at Bayfront Park. 

"I wish I was staying, but unfortunately for work, I have to leave tomorrow. But you're seeing all the action now, though, yeah," said Alex Claude, who is visiting from Peru. 

The big orange is set to hit the top of the Intercontinental hotel at the stroke of midnight, a tradition now 33 years old. 

The party will be back in downtown Fort Lauderdale, where final preparations are underway for the midnight ceremony that features a large, illuminated anchor.

In Key West, there are unconventional midnight drops that have become an annual tradition. 

There is a drag queen who descends in a high heel and a bomber plane over a pavilion with a lime in a giant margarita glass. 

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