ACC sends Valentine's Day messages from all your favorite teams


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – The Atlantic Coast Conference wants to play cupid on Valentine's Day.

A series of Valentine's Day messages featuring each of its 14 football teams' mascots and Notre Dame (which is a league member in all sports but football) was posted on the ACC's official Twitter page Thursday.

The post came with a Valentine's Day rhyme: "From Atlantic to Coastal, Our love doesn't end, Send sweets to a sweetie, Or shout out your friend." 

The ACC's two divisions are the Atlantic and Coastal.

Florida State shares its message with three of the four North Carolina-based schools.

The Clemson and Pittsburgh mascots share a common connection -- they're both anamorphic cats.

The Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Wake Forest mascots share their message because of a common color.

The Virginia and Syracuse mascots are paired together for a pun.

Miami is grouped with the three other bird-mascot schools -- Boston College, Louisville and Virginia Tech.