Man gets dinner paid for by convincing others he was stood up on Valentine's Day

(@baconflavoring / Twitter)
(@baconflavoring / Twitter)

MIAMI – Before forming any opinions about this not-so-lovelorn Valentine's Day story, please read it first. It may make the difference between placing a smile or smirk on your face.

A man used Twitter on Valentine's Day to document his plan to get a free meal on the holiday by pretending to be stood up.

Going by the Twitter handle @baconflavoring, the man named Stephen posed a question to social media before heading out on his adventure by asking, “if I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2, then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they’d give my steak for free?”

After calling ahead and reserving a table, Stephen arrived early wearing a nice jacket as if he was going on a date. When told his table would be ready in 10 minutes, he responded that his date was running late anyway.

Once seated, Stephen began laying it on, telling the waiter that he believed his date like chardonnay, so he ordered her a glass of wine. Then he faked a phone call to voicemail when the waiter was nearby, asking when his date was arriving.

According to KTRE, the prankster even brought a gift, which was just a set of jumper cables wrapped in shoebox paper.

Throughout the meal, Stephen posted updates of his chicanery on Twitter. One post showed him at the depths of despair, drinking the wine out of the decanter instead of a glass.

His steak finally came as the restaurant was closing, and Stephen thought he would come up emtpy.

That's when he went all out and began the waterworks. 

A couple that had been sitting at the bar noticed Stephen crying and came over to share their sympathy with what they believed was a man who was stood up on Valentine's Day.

"We got you babe," the couple told him and Stephen's waiter even attempted to cheer him up by saying "Don't let them get you down."

But before you get the wrong idea, Stephen made sure everyone participated in the fun. He left a generous tip for the waiter and made a $50 donation to the ALCU.

And, of course, Stephen got his free steak.