Father's Day gift ideas for grandpa



As Father’s Day nears, take a look at some gift ideas that grandfathers will love.


Handprint/footprint art: For the little ones, make a memory of this stage of their life by making artwork of their hand or foot prints. You can put them on flower pots, on ceramic tiles or even just on paper to create a keepsake gift for grandpa.


Scrapbook: Give grandpa a sentimental gift by creating a scrapbook for him. It can be focused on family memories, his hobbies or even his travels.


Games: Grandpas are always looking for activities they can do with their kids and grandkids. Give grandpa some new games – either yard games or board games – that he can enjoy playing with his family.


Fishing gear: If your grandpa loves to fish, Father’s Day can be the perfect time to help him upgrade his gear. If you don’t know exactly what he needs, a gift card to the local outdoor sports store is always a welcomed gift.


Golf gear: If your grandpa golfs, giving him new golf accessories can make a good Father’s Day gift.


Tickets to a game: For grandpas that love sports, tickets to see the local team play can make a great gift.


Gift card for dinner: If your grandpa is the type who says he doesn’t need anything new for Father’s Day, give him a gift card for a night out at his favorite restaurant.