How to celebrate grandma on Mother's Day

Don't forget about grandma on Mother's Day

More than one mom deserves a special reminder of your gratitude this Mother’s Day -- Grandma. Whether grandma is down the block or across the globe, there are countless ways to show her just how thankful you are.


Tips to get inspired:

  • Enlist the help of your parents to learn more about grandma. Ask your mom or dad what advice they learned about parenting, love, growth, dreams, etc. from their mom to unearth an idea that’s homegrown.
  • Observe grandma and her mannerisms. Take the phrases or memories grandma prompts during your visit or phone call to spark creativity.
  • Google grandma. Search public records to see what artifacts you can find on grandma’s life happenings.

Putting it into action:

  • Personalized recipe cards—consult with the family cook and create sets of grandma’s recipes in your own design. Keep a copy for yourself and send to other family members to ensure grandma’s home cooking lives on.
  • Record a conversation about grandma…with grandma—turn your visit into the gift by setting up a video camera and asking grandma about some of her life experiences. You’ll be documenting a piece of family history for generations to come.
  • Create a timeline of a lifetime—gather the accounts you’ve assembled into a visual display or calendar of grandma’s accomplishments and warm memories. What better way to remind her daily just how much she’s given to the family.
  • Write grandma a letter—so often our heartfelt messages now come through text, voicemail, or email, send grandma a hand-written memento to break away from the staple communication.
  • Re-gift a card from grandma—if you’ve saved any of grandma’s birthday or Christmas cards over the years, turn them into a piece of art. Add a frame and your own special memory of that particular event or decoupage her message onto an object like a chest or night stand.