How to help your kid transition into high school


Starting high school can cause a lot of anxiety for some teens. Take a look at some ways you can help your son or daughter make a successful transition.


Encourage them to get involved: Encourage your child to join a team, club or other extracurricular activity. Especially in the beginning of the school year, this can help your child make friends and help them feel more connected to the school and their peers.


Help them get acclimated: Make sure you attend any freshman orientations the school offers to help your child get comfortable with his or her new surroundings, and learn more details about the school. You can also try to help your child get familiar with his or her new campus by touring the school and help them find their classes. Also help your child feel at ease with their transportation to school. Make sure they know where the bus picks them up and drops them off when going to and from school.


Listen to your child’s concerns: Make sure you are really listening to your child’s fears. As a parent, you may know it will all work out, but for your child, the nerves and anxiety are very real. Make sure your child knows he or she can come to you with problems and talk about their fears, as well as share their excitement over their new school.