Mourning family continues Thanksgiving Day tradition

For 16 years, former Miami Heat player has been surprising families

Alonzo and Tracy Mourning continued to put smiles on peoples faces this Thanksgiving. And it is something they do every year. They deliver meals to those who would otherwise not have food on their tables tonight.

The former Miami Heat star and his wife hit the road early Thursday morning to deliver the surprise meals to needy families. 

"The more people see consistency from me and my family getting up every Thanksgiving morning and walking door to door and handing out meals to people, I think it encourages it's contagious and it encourages other people to want to give," Mourning said. 

The family has been personally delivering meals for the last 16 years. They visit 10 families and light up the faces of both children and adults.

The Mournings along with their foundation and help from Publix and FedEx, call the tradition the 33 Thanksgivings, because they started with delivering food to 33 families back in 2000 and now they feed more than 400 families during Thanksgiving week.



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