Woman's racist rant while Christmas shopping goes viral

Video prompts mall administrators to ban shopper from property


MIAMI – With Christmas approaching, the line at the Jefferson Mall's JCPenney in Louisville, Kentucky, was long. A woman who had not been standing in line rushed to the register. She got there just in time to hand over more items to another woman who was getting ready to pay. 

The team effort will play out many times at cash registers around the country. But not the way it did on Tuesday night, when the shopper who was waiting behind them started to shout racist remarks. Her first request to go "back to the back of the line" turned into a "just back to wherever the [expletive] you come from."

The JCPenney employee working at the register asked her to watch her language. The woman who rushed to the register apologized, but the rant continued with "You are nobodies. Just because you come from another country, it make you no body. You are no body." 

After saying that she thought everybody there felt the same way that she did, she continued her verbal attack. It lasted about one minute and 22 seconds. 

"You are probably on welfare. We probably -- the taxpayers probably -- paid for all that stuff ... Speak English, you are in America. If you don't know it, learn it."

Renee Buckner recorded the offensive behavior and shared it on Facebook under the hash tags "Exposing The Racism" and "Pray for America." The video had 6.2 million views by mid-day Wednesday.

Jefferson Mall administrators announced on Facebook that they were working with JCPenney to identify the woman, so they could permanently ban her from the mall. 

The mall's post said, "We absolutely do not condone this type of behavior."

WARNING: Expletive

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