Marine returns home after 3 years just in time for Christmas

Nahuel Scavino's family becomes emotional after 3-year reunion

MIAMI, Fla. – A U.S. Marine returned home to Miami on Thursday after nearly three years to surprise his family just in time for the holidays.

Nahuel Scavino, 23, spent two years in Japan before he was stationed in San Diego for a year, working as an equipment mechanic and fixing engines for the military.

Prior to his visit, he kept in contact with his family through phone calls and Skype, but when Scavino's father got word of his son's visit, he planned a special surprise for the Marine's mother.

"I'm shaking. It's just so emotional," Scavino's mother, Marcela Johnson, said. "The thing is, I have my kids and they are taking different paths. I didn't see him in almost three years and it's so hard… That's why I can't believe that he is here." 

Scavino surprised his family during breakfast Thursday morning.

"I just can't believe it, and the whole family is together. It's all I wanted for Christmas," Scavino's sister, Lucila, said.


Scavino will remain home with his family for 19 days until he returns to California in January.