Supermarket employee finds family heirloom among avocados

Woman shares her comforting miracle before Hanukkah

MIAMI – Publix employee Neil Oberst spotted something shiny under the avocados in the produce section. It was a gold ring with diamonds, but it wasn't just any ring. 

Bela Dery said it belonged to her deceased mother, whom she will be missing this year during the family's Hanukkah celebration. 

"It was underneath where she originally said she lost the ring," Oberst told Local 10 News.

Over the years, Dery has treasured the ring. She kept it even when she had to sell other jewelry to pay her dying husband's medical bills.

"I (said), 'You don't know how happy you (made) me today,'" Dery said.

The ring was back on her hand Friday. Dery said she was grateful that Oberst, who works at the supermarket in Plantation, chose to do the right thing and return it to her.


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