Beware of Valentine's Day delivery scam


MIAMI – If you let your heart rule your mind on Valentine's Day, you may fall victim to a scam that will have you swearing off love forever.

The latest scheme targets credit card numbers of lovers or those looking for love. The victim is called by a fake delivery company attempting to schedule a holiday gift.

KABC reports the scammer will show up at the victim's home with a package of Valentine's Day treats or flowers. But before the package is handed over, the perpetrator will say there is a fee for the delivery.

Often times, the victim easily gives their credit card to pay the fee, allowing the scammer access to their card and information.

Here are tips to avoid the scam on Valentine's Day, and every holiday:

  • Never accept a package if you don't know the sender
  • Do not give out credit or debit card information unless you initiated the transaction
  • Be suspicious of unrecognized delivery services