Leave the fireworks to the professionals, authorities warn


DAVIE, Fla. – Authorities are asking the public to leave the fireworks to the pros this year for Fourth of July, as more people are getting injured every year.

During a demonstration Monday, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue officials and the Broward Sheriff's Office's bomb squad used explosives similar to the typical M80 and M100 firework.

The blast was powerful enough to disfigure a watermelon, but even your typical sparklers can be just as dangerous.

"Sparklers, although thought of as very benign, can actually reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to burn skin," Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Michael Kane said. 

According to Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue officials, the number of patients under 18 triples this time of year.

Last year, three boys were seriously injured after lighting a firework they found in a park in Pompano Beach.

"Before we could throw it, it just blew up," one of the boys told Local 10 News. 

While there are different types of fireworks, the injuries are the same. 

"Burn injuries, facial injuries -- burn injuries to the hands, to the legs, the face and the head, and even death," Maj. Brandon Ball, of the Florida Bureau of Fire and Arson, said. 

Authorities warn the public to leave fireworks to the pros.

"We want the public to leave the fireworks up to the professionals and not have any mishaps or accidents," Kane said.

If a firework goes airborne or is explosive, it is illegal to possess it in the state of Florida without a proper permit.

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