Boy with cerebral palsy dresses as Beetlejuice for Halloween


MELROSE PARK, Ill. – A 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy never lets his disorder stop him from enjoying Halloween with some of the most imaginative costumes you'll ever see.

Anthony Alfano of Melrose Park, Ill. has been Mini-Me, a Wheel of Fortune contestant and a Lincoln Memorial snow globe in the last few years. But this Halloween, you'll have to say his name three times to truly enjoy his costume.

That's because this Halloween, Alfano will go trick-or-treating as the popular movie character Beetlejuice, reports WLS.

According to Anthony's parents, Halloween is more than a holiday, it's an escape.

"He's always seen as Anthony the boy that can't do nothing... I just want to make him not be seen that way. Halloween costume is like the best disguise," said his dad, Tony Alfano.

Anthony's costume is built around his wheelchair, and includes a couch with other characters to portray the waiting room scene from the movie.

The costume is a way for Anthony to enjoy Halloween like every other kid, and bring smiles to all those who see him coming down the street.

"He has like a stigma for having special needs. So this is a way that they look at him and they see this like bright, happy kid and it makes them feel good; in return puts a smile on his face when he gets all the attention," added Anthony's mom, Deanna.