'Sexy' Mr. Rogers Halloween costume raises eyebrows


MIAMI – A new costume for Halloween is sure to ruffle feathers in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, as well as many others.

Most of us know Mr. Rogers as the gentle man who taught millions of children about respect and decency through his daily television show. But a costume company obviously believes the world needs a sexier version of Fred Rogers.

Although Yandy's new "Nicest Neighbor Costume" doesn't name names, it's not hard to figure out who they're attempting to emulate. 

The costume comes with a V-neck sweater that goes pretty low, along with a collar and tie, as well as gray shorts that look similar, if not a tad shorter, to the ones worn by Mr. Rogers.

And if you wanted to go the extra mile, the company offers puppet accessories that look a lot like popular Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood characters King Friday and Daniel Striped Tiger.