How parents can help reduce 'mathematical anxiety' this school year

Unlock the love of learning and keep the 'I was bad at math too' to yourself


Fears can fuel a phobia with the power to affect a student's success. This is why teachers recommend that parents watch their attitudes about math in front of the children.

One of the most common recommendations among math teachers: Talk about the subject in a positive way, and give your children examples of how you use your math skills on a daily basis.

Teachers also want parents to be familiar with the syllabus. Experts recommend that parents  play math games such as baking and looking at sports statistics. It is likely that parents will find that they don't know the answer to a math problem. The solution: Use online resources.

Here are 10 helpful websites:

1.  BLOG ME MOM: The site has a Math Play section. The games include the matches and straws game, the number tunnel game, the learning with licorice game and more.

2. DESMOS: Investing on a graphing calculator can help you high school student with Algebra 1 and will continue to be useful for college level math courses. Before you buy it, make sure the teacher allows its use and have the student practice.

3. KHAN ACADEMY: The not-for-profit has site resources that include interactive challenges, assessments and videos. Problems are randomly generated and can be broken down step-by-step at your own pace. 

4. GEOGEBRA: Has materials and software to help students from elementary school to university level. It has interactive geometry features, algebra statistics and calculus software. There are tens of thousands of free materials.

5.IXL MATH: It's available on your computer or tablet and offers skills tutorials that are organized into categories for practice. It allows you to track your score and the questions increase with difficulty as you improve.

6. ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING: The website has videos that can help students with Algebra. It also helps kids ages 11-14 enter a MATH COUNTS competition.

7. EDUCATION WORLD: Free downloadable worksheets, puzzles, and activities. 

8. MATH BITS: Two math teachers created the website, which offers high school and college level activities.

9. MATHPICKLE: Videos, puzzles and games help students put concepts in perspective.

10.  SOS MATH: This site helps with differential equations, matrix algebra and trigonometry. The "cyber board" has a help forum.

BOOKLET: Download this year's Parents' Guide to Student Success