Highest percentage of battery reports in Miami-Dade public schools

6 show issues with unlawful physical contact during 2013-14 school year


Public school in Miami-Dade

Number of Battery Reports

School's Total Safety Incident Reports

Percentage of Battery Reports

Miami Springs Middle School 16 107 15%
Norland Middle School 12 122 10%
Ronald. W. Reagan/Doral High School 10 61 16%
Miami Coral Park Senior High School 11 75 15%
Miami Palmetto Sr. High School 11 100 11%
Miami MacArthur South Senior High School 7 54 13%

GRAPHIC: Percentage changes in Miami-Dade

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: Miami-Dade public schools 2012-2013 reports

CHART: South Florida public schools' 2013-2014 reports

SOURCE: Florida Department of Education