Video emerges of mob beating teenage girl at Broward County school

Mom says school failed to stop bullying before it escalated into violence

PLANTATION, Fla. – During an attack at a Broward County public school, three girls were pulling Tajzhana Hammond's hair at the same time, while others punched her. About half a dozen girls surrounded her when she said she blacked out.

The school security guards didn't intervene fast enough, Tajzhana's mother, Helen George, said.Broward County Public Schools administrators claim staff and law enforcement acted quickly.

George said Hammond required medical attention. School administrators claim there were no physical injuries reported.

"I told the principal, I said, 'Look at the video. They're celebrating that they beat up my daughter,'" George said.

The 17-year-old student was still in pain Saturday. A video showing a mob of girls beating Hammond on Thursday at Plantation High School was going viral on social media.

Hammond said the trouble began when she moved from Miramar High School to Plantation High School. She said what began as regular bullying escalated into violence. 

Broward County Public Schools described the incident as "an altercation, determined to be the result of an ongoing neighborhood dispute." George disagrees. She said the bullying and the attack happened in school and administrators failed to intervene.

"The school notified parents of all of the students involved in this incident," Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Tracy Clark said in a statement that she e-mailed on Saturday evening.

George believes the Plantation High School administrators failed Hammond. George wants her daughter, who is a senior, to go back to Miramar High School to graduate. 

Hammond said she likes fashion and she has dreams of going to college and owning a hair salon. The ambitious teenager likes to dress up for school. Hammond said this is why her attackers misjudged her as "snobby."

Clark said that "some of the students involved will receive the appropriate disciplinary actions."

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