Students discover teacher's 'good a-- sex' video, tell administration

Elton Lewis speaks about giving Fs to students in 2009 video

AVENTURA, Fla. – A student at a South Florida school told Local 10 News that he and others recently went to the administration with concerns about their teacher, who spoke about wanting "good ass sex" and flunking his students on a video posted on the internet.

The video shows Elton Lewis, who teaches language arts at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, speaking to the camera in a monologue lasting about 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

In the video, Lewis lists five things he wants for Christmas. Among the items on his wish list is "good ass sex." He also asks for a tall man with an "abnormally large penis" to perform fellatio.

Later in the video, Lewis talks about wanting to "give more Fs" to his students because it "teaches them that, sometimes, life is not easy."

"The more Fs (that) I give, the more I feel they're learning," Lewis says.

Lewis also talks about his "pent-up frustration, stress and anger from work" that makes him want to "butcher somebody."

He also speaks about giving somebody "a good blowjob."

A child can be overheard in the background while Lewis shares his graphic descriptions for the camera.

"I'm saying all of this as there's a young toddler running around me, if you can hear him," Lewis says.

Lewis sarcastically speaks about being the "savior of the youth of America," saying he became a teacher so he can say "inappropriate things around little toddlers."

Students said Lewis posted the video in 2009, but someone discovered it last week and it went viral.

"It was a validation for me because I had received many, many Fs in his class, pretty much for no reason," the student told Local 10 News investigative reporter Amy Viteri.

The student spoke to Viteri by phone but asked not to be identified.

"It's really hurting us as students," he said.

Lewis, who has since been reassigned, didn't answer when Viteri knocked on the door of his home Thursday.

A statement from the United Teachers of Dade said it will provide support to Lewis.

"United Teachers of Dade understands that our professionals are held to high standards," the statement said in part. "As public employees and professionals, we must be extremely careful of how we use social media."

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