Fight at Taravella High School leaves parents shocked, worried

Student dragged in parking lot by hair

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – The video is hard to watch, but some parents say it shows just how violent life is at Taravella High School.

The video begins with a female student being dragged across a parking lot  by her hair, then being beaten by the other student, who punches her and kicks her in the head.

The incident allegedly occurred at the school Monday. 

A girl in the white shorts takes a break on the bumper of a truck, before getting up and continuing the fight.

The video has parents worried.

 "It made me cry, to be honest with you," Tracy Pace said. "I am really disappointed in the response of the school; the video that I saw for the first time went on for almost five minutes."

Pablo Maldonado agrees.

"This is brutal," Maldonado said. "This is like acting like animals. They need to do something to bring in more security, maybe more police around here."

Before campus security could break up the fight, a third female student got involved –and so far she's the only one who has been charged in the incident.

The girl who's being dragged and the girl doing the dragging were in a mutual combat fight, said police and the district. 

"That's insane. If you see the video, one clearly throughout the entire five minutes has the other girl by the hair, and is kicking and beating her the entire time," Maldonado said.