Deerfield Beach High student says bully attacked her after school

School knew about bullying, student says

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Onlookers yelled and recorded a fight that took place Friday between two Deerfield Beach High School students.

The victim's father recently watched a recording of the fight on Instagram and was in shock, not only at the level of violence, but that the incident took place right outside his home.

"When I look, I saw the pavement," Dieni Orvil said. "The cement close by, and she was beating my daughter from one side and try to hold the other side to knock her."

Orvil said he's outraged because he believes the situation could have been avoided.

His daughter, Windcey Orvil, a high school freshman, said she was the target of a bully she's been dealing with for quite some time.

She said she went to administrators at the high school on the day of the fight  regarding threats she had received and that the attacker was waiting outside her home.

"I called the police at 2:55," Windcey said. "I gave them my name, my address, what was going on."

By the time she was finished speaking to authorities, Windcey saw the bully.

She called her parents moments before the confrontation to tell them, and they said they also called police several times.

Windcey said someone pepper-sprayed her before the fight took place.

Her parents rushed home in a panic.

By that time, the fight was broken up.

Windcey's parents took her to an area hospital, where she was treated. Law enforcement met with the family at the hospital as well.

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