Deerfield Beach teen says she's not a bully after getting into fight after school

"It was either for me to walk around and just fight," Serenity Knight says

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Serenity Knight is being called bully by Windcey Orvil.

Both teens are freshmen at Deerfield Beach High School and got into a fight on Friday that was seen on social media.

Knight admits she was waiting at Windcey's house  after school and in the video Windcey is seen spraying something at her  before  the two hit the ground.

"It was either for me to walk around and just fight," Serenity said.  

Windcey  said she was the target of a bully she's been dealing with for quite some time.

She said she went to administrators at the high school on the day of the fight  regarding threats she had received and that the attacker was waiting outside her home.

The fight then became the main attraction on social media.

Windcey's parent say they fear for their daughter and want something done.

"It's heartbreaking to see your daughter going through that and I know she is doing good in school," Dieni Orvil said.

Serenity's guardian would like to see it all a stop.

"Resolve it," Vevelyn Riely said. "Apologize to each other and make it good. Gotta learn how to live together."