Family sues Deerfield Beach High after girl ambushed, beaten

Parents of girl say bullying a recent unaddressed problem

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – The parents of a girl who said she was ambushed and beaten while walking home from Deerfield Beach High School is filing a lawsuit against the school and the guardians of the accused attacker.

The brawl, which was caught on camera, went viral on social media.
After the hair pulling, the punches flying and the tussle on the ground becoming a spectacle on social media, the family of the girl seen in the viral video has teamed up with an attorney who said the fight should not have happened.

"This is a situation that should have been avoided, and it could have been avoided if the school would have done what they said they were going to do," attorney Mark DiCowden said.

He said the Orvil family tried to sort it all out themselves, but there was no justice served.
"They're not getting it from the school," DiCowden said. "They're not getting it from anywhere else. They're getting it through the court of law."
Together, they plan to sue Deerfield Beach High School, claiming that bullying has been a problem there.
In fact, the day the fight happened, Windcey Orvil said she spoke to administrators explaining that she was being threatened, and it wasn't the first time.
"They would always make me write a report. That's pretty much it," Orvil said. "They wouldn't really say anything about it."
The Orvil family claims they spoke to school officials the day of the fight. They said the school said they'd escort Orvil home, but instead dropped her off via a golf cart blocks away. That's when the fight happened. Children were waiting at her home near the school.

Orvil's father said he learned about the fight by seeing it play out on social media.
"This is one more bad problem that this school has had over the years -- where either teachers have made bad decision after bad decision," DiCowden said.

Deerfield Beach High School administrators said they won't comment on pending litigation.

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