Miami-Dade schools police show students how to respond to officers during traffic stops

Training part of Police Department's Cop Stop program

MIAMI – In the wake of all the recent deadly police shootings, many people are worried about what would happen if they were pulled over by a police officer.

That's why the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department is educating students on what to do if they get stopped.

Traffic stops can be the most dangerous part of a police officer's job, and, as seen in recent events like the shooting death of Philando Castile, can turn tragic.

Traffic stops gone wrong have dominated the news and social media.

"Online, a lot of things are amplified. A lot of videos, you don't know the context," high school freshman Jaime Diaz said.  

Teenagers at Coral Reef Senior High School are being trained by  Miami-Dade schools police officer Claudia Betrand in the new educational outreach program called Cop Stop.

"Stay calm, be polite, tell your officer that you are reaching for your credentials," Betrand told the students.

Using role play, students showed the right way to speak to a police officer and the wrong way.

"I learned a lot today. I actually didn't know that when you got a ticket, you are supposed to sign it and it doesn't actually prove that you are guilty or innocent. It's just something you have to do," freshman student Kayla Zapata said.

"It's good to let people know how to react, what's happening and what police are thinking about you," freshman student Connor Forsythe said.

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